Thursday, August 9, 2012


A few months back, Colleen at Inspired to Share asked me to be a part of her Dream Job series.  I was so honored that she wanted to feature my career, and eventually we formed an internet friendship after the post. We've had a fun time shooting emails back and forth and picking each other's brains for creative inspiration and advice.  

Recently, Colleen asked me to illustrate her Down to Business series each Thursday with a hand lettered quote.  Of course I agreed, and we've been a pair ever since!

With inspirational wisdom for all of you creatives out there, Colleen really knows how to connect with her readers on a personal level. Be sure to check out her blog along with the Down to Business series!

PS | I created the hand-lettered quote above using the same method my Chalkboard Tutorial. It's fun to see what one can create with just a few easy steps, no?

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