Friday, February 17, 2012


A painted candle holder makes a great wedding gift when you write out the Bride and Groom's names or simply adorn with 'Mr. & Mrs.'  It's super easy to make yourself and this technique can be used in so many different ways (i.e. labeling spice jars or other kitchen items)  Here's how you create something like the image above!


-Pencil and paper for a rough sketch

-Various sized brushes (depending on the image you'll be using)

-Sign Painters' 1 Shot Lettering Enamel in white or whatever color you like best (this stuff is usually used for window lettering so it works wonderfully on any glass surface and can be scraped off with a razor)

-An empty wine bottle (I used a green bottle but this technique looks great with clear bottles too!)

-A candlestick

STEP ONE:  Draw out a rough sketch of the words that you'd like on your candle holder.  This is just for reference so you don't have to totally wing it (although if your brave, go for it!)

STEP TWO:  Write out your wording on the bottle using your paintbrush that you laid out.  This paint is super thick and opaque which makes it easy to get a look that almost is 'sticker-like'.

STEP THREE:  Let your lettering/image dry

STEP FOUR:  Firmly press your candlestick into the bottle so that it won't wiggle around

STEP FIVE:  Give to a friend or relative as a gift so they can enjoy the beautiful glow of candlelight over dinner!

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