Monday, February 13, 2012


Creating lettering that has a 'chalkboard' look to it is actually quite simple!  
I've put together an easy tutorial for anyone that is interested in learning how to create something like this!  Here's how it goes... 

MATERIALS:  Pencil, Paper, Scanner (or camera), Adobe Photoshop

 STEP ONE:  create your artwork with just pencil and paper, I usually use something semi-transparent like Strathmore Layout Bond because you can keep going over your rough sketches to create a more polished final image.

STEP TWO:  Scan or photograph your artwork.  If you're scanning, be sure to set the resolution at at least 300 dpi,  I set mine even higher to capture any interesting smudges or marks left by the pencil.

 STEP THREE:  Use the levels tool in photoshop to adjust your image so the line weight is clearly visible.

STEP FOUR:  Go to Image > Adjustment > and then Invert your image.  Easy as pie! 

Voila!  You've got an image with a chalkboard effect.


  1. That is deliciously simple! Thanks for the great idea! I'm off to pin it now!

  2. This is genius! Who knew something this simple was merely a click away.

  3. Anonymous4/13/2012

    So smart! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for this idea...have been searching for a way to do something like this. Did you just print on black paper then?

  5. This tutorial is amazing! Thanks so much!